Heroin addiction is one of the deadliest addictions which bring about behavioral changes in the person. The addictive nature of the drug develops certain dependencies which then require special care. This drug can be injected, snorted or smoked. It is also one of the quick addictive drugs as the effects come on very sharp. There are rehabilitation centers to treat the patients and those centers also help recover the addiction craving. The time to recover from the drug depends on a number of factors but the main factor is the time-period a person or the duration during which the drug is injected.

How is the drug rehabilitation centers helping you get you get free of the addiction?

The rehab treatment process is followed specifically to cure the drug patient. People with severe addictions need longer time in the treatment. Also, the type of treatment program availed in the rehab center helps the curing of heroin craving.

Some of the treatment plans are as follows for Heroin Addicts–

Short-term inpatient rehabilitation (1 to 3 months): In a short-term program the patient needs to reside on the treatment facility for 1-3 months. Total care of the diet and medication will be taken on these facility centers.

Long-term inpatient heroin rehabilitation (3 months to 2 years): In this program, the patients need to spend more time in the rehab center which might range from 3 months to 2 years. Many patients who are overcoming the drug craving need to spend more time in the center.

Outpatient heroin rehabilitation (4 months to 1 year): This type of program is used only after the impatient has spent few weeks to several years.

Heroin Drug Addiction Treatment Centers

How to decide on a short-term or long-term rehab treatment plan?

The decision on selection of short-term treatment and long-term treatment is made by the addiction specialists. It depends on the condition of the patient and the factors included are –

  • How much is the patient dependent on heroin?
  • The amount of heroin injected in the body and how often?
  • What will the total amount of time used in the addiction?
  • What are the present health and medical conditions of the patient?
  • What will be the personal preference of the patient?

The average time spent by patients in the rehab center is – 28 to 6 months.

Heroin Rehabilitation Process

  • The first stage is the drug screening assessment which is the thorough evaluation process.
  • Medical detox from heroin is suggested to ensure safe and comfortable withdrawal.
  • Proper medication is also used for the treatment of the addiction. Two of the common medication includes methadone and buprenorphine.
  • The psychological treatment is an important part of the recovery from drug cravings. The therapy includes group therapy, behavior therapy, and family counseling.
  • As soon as the rehab program finished, aftercare start and total care of the patient is facilitated.

Heroin addiction can be deadly and before it finishes the inner-half of your body make sure that proper treatment is supplied to the addicts. Consult with the doctors and community members to get the contacts of the best rehab centers.