The decision to join a methadone center comes after months or years of struggling with opiate addiction. Methadone is a safe and effective medication designed to assist people struggling with opiate addiction to change their lifestyle. It gives addicts a chance to reclaim authority over their lives by becoming more active and less dependent on drugs. However, for effective results, it must be administered in a comprehensive medical assisted facility such as healthqwest methadone center. Patients are required to commit for at least one year, but most patients overlook its benefits due to lack of information such as;

Who is eligible to join a methadone maintenance center?

The healthqwest methadone clinic is not open for everybody who feels like they need assistance. The center may not be in a position to assist a person who has been struggling with opiate addiction for over one year. Also, they may not be willing to admit a minor without an adult’s consent. However, anyone can receive a free test from the center to determine whether they are addicted to opiate. Requesting for an assessment is the best way to determine whether you are eligible to join the medication center. Unfortunately, most people are afraid of being judged or mishandled by staff members. On the contrary, staff members are trained to be warm, respectful, welcoming and comforting.

What does the initial assessment entail?

The initial assessment is designed to determine a person’s level of addiction and the treatment regimen that will work best for them. As such, you may have to disclose your medical information, present and past drug use problems, psychiatric history where applicable, withdrawal symptoms, and risk assessment.

The information gathered is used to scale your improvement during your stay at the center. If you lie about some information, you may end up with the wrong medication schedule that does not help much. So, if you are committed to change, you should tell the truth no matter how embarrassing or bitter it may be.

How methadone works

Methadone focuses on changing how the brain cells and nervous system respond to pain. Therefore, it reduces the painful withdrawal symptoms of opiate and prevents euphoric effects of drugs like codeine, heroin, and morphine from taking a toll on a patient. Methadone is available in three forms; wafer, liquid, and pills. It should be taken once every day because its pain relieving effects last for four to eight hours. However, among heroin addicts, the medication is effective if administered in higher doses that should be reduced as the withdrawal symptoms reduce. Just like all medications offered in rehabilitation centers, methadone is administered as part of a comprehensive treatment schedule that emphasizes on social support and counseling.

Summing up

Methadone for opiate addiction must be administered by a certified physician. However, after proof of stability, consistency and a positive recovery process, patients can be allowed to use the medication at home. The length of methadone treatment varies based on a person’s level of addiction and commitment to recover.